Blog: Examples of Why It’s Horrible To Be A Kid Today

Was I too harsh in Ep 1.4 of the podcast? Look at these stories and tell me that if you had kids you might not make a run for the colonies also.

By Colin Andrew Ferm May 5, 2016 Tags: , , , , , ,
2.6 – Rivalries – Tranquility vs. Meditation

Not all experiments in a better way for people to live succeeded. Some failed. Some succeeded. But almost all of the latter found that they had to change the very idea upon which they were founded in order to succeed. But Tranquility and Meditation never had the chance to do this before they exploded in a spectacular fashion like so few other places did.

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Blog: FAA Offers Private Property In Space Solution

Private property, as it stands now thanks to an almost 50 year old treaty, is impossible. But people are thinking of ways around it. Is this good or should we just scrap the treaty?

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Supplemental – Economics – The Major Background Character

A quick mid-week supplemental in which we discuss a character that has barely been touched on but which is a hugely important character driving much of the action: Economics!

By Colin Andrew Ferm October 22, 2014 Tags: , , , , ,
1.4 – A Short History – The Growth Explosion

How does a population, in less than seventy years, grow from almost nothing to 500 million? And, given the hardships, why would people want to settle these worlds to begin with? All questions answered in this week’s podcast.

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