The planet of Athena is over 99% water but sports three major cities on islands. It is also a major trading hub within the Unified Republic of Stars.

3.0 – An Introduction To The Age of War

An episode on some of the differences between the Age of Colonization as we’ve discussed and the Age of War in which we’ve entered.

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2.12 – Rivalries – The Island Group vs. Emre’s Paradise

In which the people who had settled and island on Athena basically tell a real estate consortium that they’re not moving. Another thrilling adventure in the colonization period of the story world.

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1.7 – A Short History – The First Republican Defensive

This week, Earth invades the colonies, attempting to take two of the major planets. They don’t succeed, this time, but unless the colonies get their act together, they see that it’s possible Earth might the next time.

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Supplemental – Maybe The Best Era

A short supplemental on why I believe that the colonization era we’ve been discussing for the last several episodes is probably my favorite era to tell stories set within the world.

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1.5 – A Short History – The Seeds of Discontent

The revolution is coming. Because people are tired of what Earth keeps doing to them. This week, we explain what that is. And how the colonists of the star cluster react to interference from so far away.

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