I am super exited to end this season of the Unified Republic of Stars podcast with one more in the Rivalries series, The Island Group vs. Emre’s Paradise.

This week, we discuss one last settlement that, though there was a lot of land to settle in general, didn’t happen as smoothly as many of the things within the story world. And, in a large part, it’s because the Island Group felt that they could take advantage of Common Laws to screw the possibly more “savage” South Island People, living in a community they called “Emre’s Paradise”, out of their land because they hadn’t fenced it in.

But… just because people hadn’t built fences… it didn’t mean that they didn’t view it as theirs.

It’s a crazy story that takes place early in the colonization of Athena (map) that you should really check out because it shows just another way in which not all of the settlements within the colonies happened smoothly.

And it’s a nice little setup considering that this is the last of Season Two of this podcast. Coming back in Season Three, I will be discussing the events of the second age of the world, known as the Age of War.

So… after a two week break, I will be back and we’ll go over the events that define the next age of the story world.