Welcome back to the Unified Republic of Stars podcast! We’re getting close to the end of Season Two and moving into preparation for Season Three where we’ll be discussing the next book of history, the History of the Age of War. But… in the meantime, we still have two more things to discuss. This week, it’s the planets of Yamanashi and Kanagawa, the planets of the Japanese settled worlds of the New Nippon System.

We discuss how the worlds were established, what the Cherry Blossom and Mountaintop Seats are, the way the royals would inherit each as well as the ramifications of the revolution upon this process. Also, unlike the discussions of a lot of previous worlds within the, then, Colonial Star Cluster, we also discuss some of the native plant and animal life that exists on both worlds, for those of you who might be interested. And, I know for a fact, that more than a few of you are.

There’s also a mention of vertical gardens, a concept I’m sure I’ve brought up more than once when discussing Athena City but that I go over again here because it’s of particular importance to Kanagawa.

And, as I can’t help myself, I discuss the Japanese world’s importance on Colonial Baseball, both how they pre-date it and how they became a dominant force within it.

Next week, I look forward to the final episode in Season Two, in which I discuss the fun Rivalries Episode called Emre’s Paradise versus the Island Group.

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