Welcome back to the Unified Republic of Stars! This week, after many promises, Religion within the Colonial Star Cluster! What faiths made it out? How did they do? Where were many of them centered?

These questions and more are answered. As is a major one, how might beliefs change once living away from the human home world?

We discuss just about all of the major religions of Earth and their place out in the colonies but we also discuss a new one that starts on Earth but really finds its footing out in the colonies, the Church of the Cosmic Angel. A religion with… a different kind of origin story but one that literally attempts to wrangle with the cosmological ramifications of two galaxies colliding.

Also, perhaps much to your surprise, we discover that the Amish also made their way out to the colonies, congregating almost entirely on the Norman moon of Gelassenheit and we discuss how a sect so adverse to technology might make such a move.

Our theme is by Ryan Houser and any theme music is by Darren Solomon.

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