Welcome back to the Unified Republic of Stars! This week, we discuss computing and media in the Colonial Star Cluster, what it is how it got there, and what the intersection between the two were. Because, though the star cluster started out a rough place, it didn’t mean that people didn’t want or need entertainment.

And, in case you didn’t listen to the supplemental on communications, I highly recommend that you do, if for only at the very least to understand how the networks function out there.

Some of the topics we discuss include how a pornography company by the name of Pink Palace Films recruits a young tinkerer named Park Yoon Soo to create one of the first “pay per view” satellites in the colonies and how that revolutionizes the media landscape on all of the colonial worlds.

Of course Park would go on to create one of the largest electronic companies out in the colonies called PTPS Incorporated that would build a range of different things and generally go on to change the colonies through them if you’re interested in further reading.

We also discuss how the primary computing device people use isn’t something we’d generally think of as a computer… our phones.

Next week, religion within the star cluster! Finally!

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