Hey, movies are as influential as every other storytelling medium. To not discuss them would be to leave out one of the largest areas of stories that most people identify with.

Blog: Don’t Tell Stories as a Flashback

Atomic Blonde was a fine film. Until you realize that nothing was ever at stake because the filmmakers cheated the audience of real tension thanks to a lazy storytelling device.

By Colin Andrew Ferm April 17, 2018 Tags: , ,
Blog: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Yes, it’s over thirty years old. But it’s a good one for a reason. And not just for the reasons everyone thinks it’s good. But because… it’s basically perfect.

By Colin Andrew Ferm August 22, 2016 Tags: , ,
2.9 – Computing & Media

How do the colonies go from nothing to a complete and accessible media landscape in less than twenty years? And how does computing help drive it? That’s what we’re talking about this week!

By Colin Andrew Ferm July 5, 2015 Tags: , , , , , , , ,
Blog: Veronica Mars / Serenity Faceoff

Two cancelled shows. Two movie revivals. Who did is right and who is going to that special hell, reserved for creators who ruin their storyworlds and people who talk in the theater.

By Colin Andrew Ferm March 28, 2014 Tags: , , ,
Blog: Re-watching Starship Troopers

Watching Starship Troopers last night made me want to give thoughts to a bunch of problems I’ve had with the movie for a long time. Staying late up into the night, I spelled them out in the hopes of spurring a discussion about what does and doesn’t matter in a storyworld.

By Colin Andrew Ferm April 12, 2012 Tags: , ,