Reference: Republican Baseball

The Republican Baseball League (known as the Colonial Baseball League prior to 2173 was formed in 2128 as a way to facilitate a 'Colonial Series' between the independent Galileo and Athena baseball leagues. Since that time, it has grown to become the official organizing and rules organization of all professional baseball played within the Republican Star Cluster. The majority of the worlds within the Republic have at least one team and play in one of the five leagues.

Podcast: 3.2 – Drinking: A Question of Morality, Part II

The New Age of Morality Act is now law. But people are still doing everything they had been just a lot more were now in jail. How well do you think the people of the Republic are going to react to this?

November 6, 2015

Blog: Don’t Tell Stories as a Flashback

Atomic Blonde was a fine film. Until you realize that nothing was ever at stake because the filmmakers cheated the audience of real tension thanks to a lazy storytelling device.

April 17, 2018