Blog: Preacher Revisited: Season 3

I was pretty positive about the first season of Preacher. As you (should) know, I read the comics and thought the things they did with the first season were pretty good. I didn‘t review Preacher: Season 2 because I didn‘t have a lot to say about it. The first episode was… amazing but it kind […]

By Colin Andrew Ferm August 28, 2018 Tags: , , ,
Blog: The Judge Hunter

Christoper Buckley is a master in the art of satire. But can a book about an expat Frenchman, living in England for the Restoration, and sent to find the old king’s murderers be funny?

By Colin Andrew Ferm August 26, 2018 Tags: , ,
Blog: Don’t Tell Stories as a Flashback

Atomic Blonde was a fine film. Until you realize that nothing was ever at stake because the filmmakers cheated the audience of real tension thanks to a lazy storytelling device.

By Colin Andrew Ferm April 17, 2018 Tags: , ,
Blog: X-Files: Season 10 & 11

Are these seasons even watchable without having seen the previous ones? Yes and no with one real exception.

By Colin Andrew Ferm March 17, 2018 Tags: , ,
Blog: iPad Pro: Almost Two Years Later

The third in a series of reviews on how the iPad has subtly changed the way Colin works without him knowing about it until after it already happened.

By Colin Andrew Ferm March 3, 2018 Tags: , , ,