An aside to this week’s material.

In this one, I discuss why the colonization period within the story world might just be my favorite in which to set stories.

I don’t want to give away too much of what’s discussed in the cast but suffice it to say it boils down to a couple of things. The first is that this is the only period within the story world that is stateless. As in, no government what so ever.

Yes, there are a few elected sheriffs and the occasional police force in cities like Athena City. But, in this era, the primary way to resolve disputes is determined by each community, the customs they brought with them from Earth, and what they feel is right, fair, and just.

Because of this, different ways of dealing with things begin to emerge, from a common weapon etiquette to things like recovery specialists as people experiment with different ways of maintaining order away from a government that they can turn to.

As I said, I think this is a fascinating period. However, we have a lot of story world “history” that is still coming up, so I’ll be curious to know if you agree.