This week’s contribution from the story generator is: “A man (40) finally has the perfect job at Santos Recreational Pharmaceuticals in Cobanito when the Galileo City Republicans make it to the Republican Series and he has tickets.”

This week, I discuss how the revolution actually began. As always, you can read it for yourself in the reference section. But, for those who are just listening, it’s a description of the events that led to Article of Independence being declared by the First Independent Congress in 2169 and the colonies and the human home world of Earth reached the point of war. And, of course, the details of the actual period of revolution.

Some of the more interesting people mentioned this week include:

And links promised in the episode:

Also, don’t forget to read the Universal United Human Authority’s entry in the reference section. It’ll be a slight spoiler when I get to the History of the UUHA but, if you’re interested in the story world, it can help you understand further why the colonies weren’t that interested in following its resolutions.

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