Cobanito is the largest city on the planet Shaanxi and is the home to both Santos Recreational Pharmaceuticals as well as the Republican Bond Corporation. It is a large, rich city with a diverse population, active night life, and jobs for anyone looking.


Like almost every town on Shaanxi, Cobanito began as a small farming village shortly after the first settlers began to arrive in the early colonization period. The arrival of Pedro de Santos in 2110. Santos, a former second to a drug kingpin on Earth, relocated to the colonies in the hope of pursuing his trade without the interference of Earth authorities.

In this, he was more or less successful and in 2112 founded Santos Recreational Pharmaceuticals, the largest narcotics producer in the Unified Republic of Stars. Given the difference in legal and political environments, Santos discovered that he could set up a legitimate business and within a few years, not only was his product being traded on the Athena Commodities Exchange but the stock for his company was traded in the Athena Stock Exchange.

The influx of wealth, specifically from the narcotics business, changed Cobanito in an amazingly short time. New businesses were started to service those made wealthy and the town quickly tore down the ramshackle wooden construction that served the downtown area in favor of taller more modern buildings.

While the city had started on a bluff that overlooked an ocean, it quickly spread to cover the two hills that people now think of the city limits of Cobanito proper. The bluff remains the eastern most border while most of the city lays within the shallow valley created between the hills to the north and west. This is further bounded by the Santos Parma tower that overlooks the city from the west and the Santos Grand Hotel tower on the north hill, both similar in design and construction and resembling twin pillars.

As the city grew up, the original town on the bluff transformed into the richest homes in the city, with large and extravagant houses being built onto the cliff wall along the winding roads that lead to the ocean below. In fact, because of this, those traveling the road often have no idea as to the palatial homes that line it since only a plain entrance faces the streets while terraced gardens lie beyond. It is, in many ways, similar to those built along the Amalfi Coast in Italy on Earth.

And while Shaanxi and Cobanito in particular are extremely libertarian in the politics and attitudes toward government, Cobanito boasts the largest City Hall anywhere within the Fenghuang System and most of the Republican Star Cluster. Lying in the center of the valley, its grounds take up a square kilometer. A twenty story green glass box, it contains both the city council chamber as well as the mayor's offices and most of the main offices for the various departments of the city. It is notable mostly for the lack of windows the actual offices have, the glass instead looking in on the walkways that line the outside of each floor. Outside, the city hall is surrounded by multi-level gardens and paved walkways that crisscross through the grounds to the rest of the city surrounding it.

Modern Life

Cobanito is a large, urbane city with a diverse population and work and entertainment for every level of the social scale. While the center of the city tends more toward the rich with expensive private clubs and a healthy museum row featuring work collected from around the Republican Star Cluster and Earth, the outer districts have more of a mix between high and low entertainment.

The city is unique along with Athena City for its cocktail culture, the people who live in it preferring mixed drinks over shots or straight liquor. Because of this, there are many bars with exceptional bartenders who are continually inventing new cocktails to attract customers. Even bars on the cheaper end experiment with mixed drinks and tend to serve in equal number with beer.

Dancing is a huge source of entertainment for the people of Cobanito and clubs featuring every type of music congregate along the south side of the city, some open all hours to service the around the clock workforce and the heavy party culture the city has.

The party culture is largely due to the heavy amount of drugs that are produced by the city and that flow through it. Regular cocaine use is not only common but ordinary. The Santos Grand Hotel even offers complimentary chrome straws and mirrors on which its guests may partake from in their rooms. Heroin use is less common, especially among the rich. But attending a baseball game will often come with a contact high from all the marijuana smoked by the fans.

Still, while drugs may fuel the active party atmosphere of the city, it is not entirely its source. The people of Cobanito are known for their hard work, industriousness, and entrepreneurial spirit and the night life is most often credited to these people needing to cut loose.


Cobanito has two baseball teams, both of which play within the Shaanxi Division of the Fenghuang League. While baseball has been played recreationally in the city since it's founding and many of the better players in all of Republican Baseball have come from Cobanito, the city has been more than unlucky in terms of success. Not once, between 2175 and 2219 has Cobanito had a team appear much less win in the Republican Series.

Still, the ballparks are usually full when either the Whites, named for cocaine powder, or the Coca Leaves, for the base ingredient in cocaine, play. Both parks can seat approximately 35,000 fans and tickets on the upper levels can go for as little as CD$32 in 2219. It is a frequent destination for families.

The lower decks, especially behind home plate or along either baseline however, remain the province of the rich with tickets behind home plate going for upwards of CD$10 thousand and usually occupied by rich business people or those out for an extravagant time. Night games are usually more desired than day games because of the intense heat and ticket prices for day games are considerably cheaper.

While the upper decks serve the standard baseball fare, copious amount of beer, nachos, churros, and the like, the lower decks offer just about anything a fan might want, from champagne and strawberries to cuisines from all across the Republican Star Cluster.

Republican Series Appearances for Cobanito
YearWinning CityTeamLosing CityTeamW/LNotes
2225 Athena City Sand Dollars Cobanito Whites 7-1
2239 Landes Buccaneers Cobanito Whites 7-4
2244 Cobanito Whites Crescent City Crescents 7-3
2255 Mobara Tigers Cobanito Whites 7-0
2256 New Budva South Townies Cobanito Whites 7-0
2265 Cobanito Whites New Chiryu Tuna 7-6
2273 New Souma Warriors Cobanito Whites 7-6
2285 New Toronto Maples Cobanito Whites 7-2
2296 Athena City Sand Dollars Cobanito Whites 7-2
2316 Crescent City Crescents Cobanito Whites 7-1
2324 Little Shasta Mountain Men Cobanito Whites 7-1
2371 New Souma Warriors Cobanito Whites 7-0

Story References

  • Drug Enforcement - The location of where the story took place and the conflict between Pedro de Santos and the Drug Enforcement Administration over the legal production of cocaine.