Galileo was the original capital planet of the Unified Republic of Stars until 2343. Home to three major cities, it also is primarily a rural planet that specializes in the ranching of cattle.

2.7 – Economics & Transportation

How would you get around the Colonial Star Cluster? Not just from world to world but from city to city? Or from building to building? That’s what we discuss this week.

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2.4 – Rivalries – Dutch vs. Bradley Warner

An episode about an extraordinary pair of brothers who go on to write the book that the Republican Fleet will follow for the next hundred years: Dutch versus Bradley Warner.

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2.3 – Rivalries – Sims vs. MacGregor

Just because two men were brought together to help form an important institution, it doesn’t mean that they liked each other. And with Sims and MacGregor, who privately threatened bodily harm to one another, this was definitely the case. And yet, they succeeded at their task, building the Republican Fleet to protect the young Unified Republic of Stars.

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2.1 – Rivalries – Liz Carter vs. Jimmy & James

This week, we do our very first in the Rivalries sub-series and show just how different life in the colonies could be versus life on Earth. In some ways it’s good, and freeing. But, in other ways… not so much.

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2.0 – Cultural Differences

We kick off the second season with an explanation of some of the most jarring cultural differences between the world we know and live in and the colonial worlds of tomorrow.

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