Welcome back to the Unified Republic of Stars podcast!

This week, we discuss Admirals Hugh Sims versus Alexander MacGregor, the founders of first the Independent Fleet and then the Republican Fleet which, I hope as been telegraphed enough at this point, will play a major part within the Unified Republic of Stars story world.

The admirals, as you’ll find out are very different men. From the religious, abstemious, older, military, and colonial port veteran to the younger, vodka swilling, cigar smoking, former school teacher, atheist Sims. Yet, without both making their contribution, the Republican Fleet may not have turned out the way it did, from MacGregor’s idea behind the Five Fleets to Sims’ recruitment of Dutch Warner.

We also touch on how an early hiring decision by Ivan Boldyrev, prior to his becoming mayor, much less governor or president, almost ground the whole partnership to a halt.

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