Welcome back to the Unified Republic of Stars! This week, we continue our “rivalries” series with a piece comparing the brothers Warner. (See what I did there?) Stewart Todd “Dutch” Warner and his brother but also future Fleet Admiral Bradley.

This week, as we discuss them, we touch on a lot of different topics, including how one becomes a “shipper” by joining the crew as a “ship’s kid“, the events of the First and Second Defensives, and how both men became NOVA masters with very different styles.

We also touch on the differences between Galileo City in the west and New Chicago in the east and how they’d advanced since Liz Carter’s time.

It’s a pretty packed episode with fist fights, major battles, pretty much the works.

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The theme, as always, is by Ryan Houser of the band Slim Wray and the score is by Darren Solomon.