Welcome back to another episode to the Unified Republic of Stars!

This week, rather than dive into an individual story, we tour a few worlds of the star cluster that have, more or less gone unmentioned or with very little mention up until now. And we compare them to the cities we’ve already been introduced to and some of the quirks many of them have.

We start our tour on Galileo where we board a Tomcat and take it to the world of Columbus and a major city on it called Matthew.

From there, we hop over to Darwin, where we discuss the founding of a town by the name of Taos-On-Darwin that strove for almost total independence from the rest of the world until the events of the Second Defensive and the Battle Over Darwin basically forced them to join up.

Then it’s off to the Fenghuang System and the planet of Shaanxi and the town of Cobanito, where a man by the name of Pedro de Santos established the largest drug operation in the star cluster, the Santos Recreational Pharmaceutical Corporation, and in the process made Cobanito one of the most urbane cities in the Republic.

And then it’s to Yong Nam and the artistic city of Kim Muyan, that was transformed by a mixture of cheap housing, a bursting creative class, and a sense of new found freedom.

Lastly, we explore the general world of Al Gharbiyah, a world that seemed as if it should have exploded from tensions when both jews and muslims decided to settle it but, for some reason, didn’t.

It’s a bit of a long episode but we really hit a lot of things I’ve been meaning to do for a while and hopefully you’ll find it all enjoyable.

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