Welcome back to the Unified Republic of Stars podcast. This week, perhaps the last in our rivalries series, the Norman communities of Tranquility vs. Meditation, two towns that stood for very distinct things that had the unfortunate time and place to be who they were next to one another.

Listener warning, this week’s episode includes some very violent content and one very explicit word.

We’ve talked a lot in the podcast so far about towns and communities that have succeeded, even grown into proper cities. But… not all of these experiments in a better way for people to live succeeded. Some failed. Some succeeded. But almost all of those found that they had to change the very idea upon which they were founded in order to succeed. But Tranquility and Meditation never had the chance to do that before they exploded in a spectacular fashion like so few other places did. And that’s what we’ll be discussing this week.

Yes, even in the Unified Republic of Stars, there were failures. More than a few actually. But this was among the worst.

However, as kind of an upside, the distillers of Norman Whiskey claim the former inhabitants of these communities as the ones who introduced the world to their special brand of the spirit. Whether that’s true or not… is a matter of some discussion.

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Next week, we’ll discuss various forms of transportation within the star cluster. It’s going to be fun!