New Normandy

New Normandy is a technology center within the Unified Republic of Stars, settled primarily by people from Earth Central European region. It is also known as a baseball powerhouse and a producer of fine whiskey.

2.6 – Rivalries – Tranquility vs. Meditation

Not all experiments in a better way for people to live succeeded. Some failed. Some succeeded. But almost all of the latter found that they had to change the very idea upon which they were founded in order to succeed. But Tranquility and Meditation never had the chance to do this before they exploded in a spectacular fashion like so few other places did.

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Story: Skin

In 2116, two travelers on Columbus short of food stumble into a town afflicted by a strange plague that eats the skin from people’s faces. When one of them begins to show signs of being affected, with the other find the cure in time to save her friend?

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Story: Matriarchy

People settled the colonial worlds with a lot of new ideas for society but under the surface but, if past mistakes go unremembered, they will usually be repeated to no ones benefit.

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