This week, we discuss the various methods of transportation around the Colonial Star Cluster.

How would you get around? Well… this is a sci-fi world so you’d probably take an interstellar vessel between worlds. After all, that’s how you’d get out there. But how would you get around a world? At first… by walking. But then by horse cart. But then… thing would get interesting. Eventually… cars would become common on the world, through companies like Kaesong Motors and Rayo Motors. Then, mag-lev trains connecting the cities would also become common.

Yes… technology moved quickly. Because this technology existed. It was just a matter of building the supply chains to make that technology out there rather than on Earth.

And all of this transportation helps to explain why the Colonial Star Cluster went from a place consisting of subsistence farmers and lumberjacks to prosperous colonies in such a short time.

Our theme was composed by Ryan Houser and our score by Darren Solomon.

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