Cobanito is the major city on the planet Shaanxi. It is both rich and fueled by a trade in “recreational pharmaceuticals”, especially cocaine.

2.5 – Cities, Towns & Communities

In just one episode, we visit five different planets, places that have gone with little detail up until now, and explore who settled them and what makes them unique.

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Supplemental – Maybe The Best Era

A short supplemental on why I believe that the colonization era we’ve been discussing for the last several episodes is probably my favorite era to tell stories set within the world.

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1.4 – A Short History – The Growth Explosion

How does a population, in less than seventy years, grow from almost nothing to 500 million? And, given the hardships, why would people want to settle these worlds to begin with? All questions answered in this week’s podcast.

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Story: Drug Enforcement

While still illegal on Earth, and technically in the colonies as well, the DEA agents assigned to Shaanxi discover that drug enforcement might be more a process of small draws than big busts. Especially if they want to go on breathing.

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