Supplemental – Economics – The Major Background Character

A quick mid-week supplemental in which we discuss a character that has barely been touched on but which is a hugely important character driving much of the action: Economics!

By Colin Andrew Ferm October 22, 2014 Tags: , , , , ,
Supplemental – Ship Terms & Navigation In Space

We’ve been mentioning shippers since the beginning. But, with this supplemental, we’ll be explaining some of the terms they use. Also, we’ll explain how people navigate in deep space. These things will be important for future episodes when we get deep into how the former colonies and Earth wage war against one another.

By Colin Andrew Ferm October 12, 2014 Tags: , , , , ,
Supplemental – Communications

How do the colonies communicate with one another? In this supplemental, we discuss not only how someone might contact their neighbor but someone in the next city. Or on another planet. And we discuss an emergency system that as developed to help shippers stranded in the depths of space.

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Supplemental – Maybe The Best Era

A short supplemental on why I believe that the colonization era we’ve been discussing for the last several episodes is probably my favorite era to tell stories set within the world.

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Supplemental – Cheap Energy

A short supplemental episode in which the ion-plasma engine is discussed in more detail, what it is, how it was invented, and how it’s used within the world.

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