A mid-week supplemental! Who would’a thought?

I wanted to spend a little time speaking about one of the characters I think has been probably the most important and, which, has gone almost entirely unnoticed: economics!

Economics as a character? Sure! It’s been moving things behind the scenes the whole time. It’s why people left for the colonies in the first place. It’s why Earth started getting so aggressive with the colonies over tax money. And the colonists, then, reacted from the other side.

It wasn’t like someone just said, “Hey! Let’s go independent!” and that’s why Earth and her colonies went to war. Things had been souring between them for decades. And the souring was cased by the economic circumstances.

Oh, and as mentioned on the cast, do check out Planet Money if you want something interesting to listen to on the subject. And, for those interested in the American Revolution, do also check out Mike Duncan’s Revolutions cast also. Both of these after you listen to this one, of course.