This week, we discuss the First Republican Defensive. It’s not actually a “republican” defensive because there was no “republic” fighting it. But, it became known as the First Republican Defensive because… well… that’s what people called it.

But, this week’s Story Generator suggestion: “A man (57) from Gangwon wants his revenge on his twin sister’s killer’s on Yamanashi when his best friend is captured by the Authority.”

Okay, so some links that might make this week’s episode more accessible:

  • Galileo – One of the two planets invaded.
  • Galileo City – The capital city of Galileo that was invaded.
  • New Chicago – The other major city on Galileo that the Authority invaded.
  • College Park – The city in which Dutch Warner stopped the transfer of troops between two two cities.
  • Athena – The second major planet that the Authority invaded.
  • Athena City – The city on Athena in which all of the events of the First Defensive took place.

There are, of course, dozens of topics that could be discussed just in this one episode. However, in my attempt not to overwhelm you, I’m limiting it just to these major areas.

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Also, thank you, everyone for your listening to this. I created this storyworld to tell my own stories in and my friend suggested I share it with everyone because of the crazy amount of detail I’d put into it. The idea that dozens of you are willing to let me describe it to you every week is a serious honor.

And, as I’ve said, this is your podcast. So, if you have any changes or suggestions you want to see, please, email or tweet me and I’ll discuss it with you on how to make this thing better.