First Republican Defensive

2.4 – Rivalries – Dutch vs. Bradley Warner

An episode about an extraordinary pair of brothers who go on to write the book that the Republican Fleet will follow for the next hundred years: Dutch versus Bradley Warner.

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2.3 – Rivalries – Sims vs. MacGregor

Just because two men were brought together to help form an important institution, it doesn’t mean that they liked each other. And with Sims and MacGregor, who privately threatened bodily harm to one another, this was definitely the case. And yet, they succeeded at their task, building the Republican Fleet to protect the young Unified Republic of Stars.

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1.8 – A Short History – The Fleet, The Republic, and The NOVA

This week, three major topics being discussed on the podcast! First, the question of defense. Then, the question of self governance within the colonies. And last, the creation of the most mighty battleship ever built. But will any of it be enough?

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1.7 – A Short History – The First Republican Defensive

This week, Earth invades the colonies, attempting to take two of the major planets. They don’t succeed, this time, but unless the colonies get their act together, they see that it’s possible Earth might the next time.

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Hanging The Battle Flag

I could only wonder what the big guys behind the counter thought upon seeing a kid approach with long hair, a distinct odor of alcohol, and about a hundred feet of rope.

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