This week we discuss the re-organization of the independent colonies into the Unified Republic of Stars, because, yeah, you knew that was coming.

But, as always, the story generator’s suggestion for creativity: “A girl (16) thinks joining the militia will be fun on Gangwon when her best friend gets into trouble because he saw something he shouldn’t have.”

First this week we discuss the creation of the new Constitution of the Unified Republic of Stars in response to the First Republican Defensive. I suggest you take a look at the constitution if you’d like to read all of the guaranteed rights that were listed in Article One. I would be curious to know what you would add, change, or remove from the list.

After describing how the new government was to be established, we next discussed the reorganization of the Independent Fleet into the Republican Fleet. And here we discussed the five new divisions that were established, listed here for your reference:

  • The First Fleet – The last line of defense, the coast guard, and the operators of the new skyplexs begin built in the orbit around each Republican world.
  • The Second Fleet – The division charged with operating the new NOVA Battleships along the Blue Line.
  • The Third Fleet – The “airforce” of the Republican Fleet, flying the new Razorback fighter craft.
  • The Fourth Fleet – The “marines” and also the coordinators of Planetary Militias.
  • The Fifth Fleet – The educational division publicly but also the intelligence division, secretly.

And, lastly, we spent some significant time going into depth on what the NOVA Battleship would be and how the NOVA Group came to be in order to build it.

Serious changes were afoot in the star cluster and for the colonies of Earth. It’s pretty exciting. And, next week, we’ll have the Second Republican Defensive to discuss.

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