This weeks story generator contribution: “A girl (14) from Miyazaki wants revenge against her brother’s killers on Gangwon when a deadly contagion breaks out that must be stopped before everyone dies.”

As I mention at the top of the cast, this kind of thing may not be unusual. As an example, see the entry on the Eating Disease that affected Columbus.

Of course, this week, what we’re discussing is the second major invasion by Earth of its former colonies, now recently bound together by the creation of the Unified Republic of Stars. And this invasion, building off of the last one, is called The Second Republican Defensive.

But, unlike last time, where the Authority only invaded Galileo and Athena, this time they got a little more ambitious and included Troy, Gangwon, Kaesong, and Darwin into their plans.

So we’ll discuss exactly how this all went down and how the newly Republican worlds reacted to being invaded. And we’ll discuss the effectiveness of the new Razorback fighter.

But, as we do, here are some of the promised links from the show:

  • The Flag of the Republic – because “no flag, no country.”
  • A map of Darwin – Just for your reference.
  • A more detailed article on what exactly happened during the “Dutch Push“.
  • A map of Madaba detailing the POW camp’s location.
  • The reference article on the city of New Budva for those interested to learn about a town that’s hardly been mentioned yet.
  • Bradley Warner – an interesting character we mention only in relation to his older brother Dutch but a person we will be discussing in the upcoming “Season Two”.

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