Second Republican Defensive

The Second Republican Defensive was the second time after the UUHA invaded the Republican Star Cluster in an attempt to subdue the upstart colonists and return them to Earth’s control.

Story: Younger Brother

Bradley Warner poked his head up above the barricade, just enough so that it allowed his eyes to peer over the wreckage that had once been a Rayo Motors’ electric sedan. The flakes of paint over his leather-feeling thermal insulating jacket told him that it had once been gold but days of being used as […]

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2.4 – Rivalries – Dutch vs. Bradley Warner

An episode about an extraordinary pair of brothers who go on to write the book that the Republican Fleet will follow for the next hundred years: Dutch versus Bradley Warner.

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1.9 – A Short History – The Second Republican Defensive

Earth invades again! But now the planets have formed a new alliance in the form of the Unified Republic of Stars. But will this new government and the Republican Fleet be enough?

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Story: Ayla Athena

Sevda Behar is between a rock and a hard place. A die hard Republican, she’s forced to broadcast for the UUHA. Will the people of Athena still respect her when they discover the truth?

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