New Chicago

New Chicago is the second city of the planet Galileo. Known for its massive skyscrapers and winning baseball teams, it was also a center of resistance during both the First and Second Republican Defensives.

Story: Younger Brother

Bradley Warner poked his head up above the barricade, just enough so that it allowed his eyes to peer over the wreckage that had once been a Rayo Motors’ electric sedan. The flakes of paint over his leather-feeling thermal insulating jacket told him that it had once been gold but days of being used as […]

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2.4 – Rivalries – Dutch vs. Bradley Warner

An episode about an extraordinary pair of brothers who go on to write the book that the Republican Fleet will follow for the next hundred years: Dutch versus Bradley Warner.

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1.7 – A Short History – The First Republican Defensive

This week, Earth invades the colonies, attempting to take two of the major planets. They don’t succeed, this time, but unless the colonies get their act together, they see that it’s possible Earth might the next time.

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Hanging The Battle Flag

I could only wonder what the big guys behind the counter thought upon seeing a kid approach with long hair, a distinct odor of alcohol, and about a hundred feet of rope.

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