Welcome back to another episode of the Unified Republic of Stars Podcast. This week, we discussed A Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars, Chapter 4 – A Growth Explosion.

Except… that this week, rather than just read from the chapter, I based the episode on the chapter and added some extra detail. I’d love to know your thoughts on the format change and whether it worked for you.

Also, this week’s Story Generator suggestion: “A girl (13) falls in love with the girl of her dreams on Athena but is arrested for a murder she didn’t commit.”

The topic this week was the explosive growth the colonies experienced between 2106 and 2172 and both how that was possible and why it came to be.

Some helpful show links based on what was discussed:

  • Galileo City – The largest city on the planet Galileo at the time.
  • Athena City – Not just the largest city on the planet Athena but also the financial capital of the colonies.
  • Cobanito was mentioned in reference to it’s thriving drug trade, mostly under the control of Pedro de Santos.
  • Common Laws – The kind of laws the limited law enforcement would enforce in the colonies, because everyone could understand that these are wrong.

And, of course, it was mentioned how viable work could also be found in both prostitution and pornography on the colonial worlds.

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