Welcome back to Chapter Five of A Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars, The Seeds of Discontent.

Before getting into this week’s episode though, the contribution from the Story Generator: A man (21) is a gunsmith with Calcutta Arms on Shaanxi when he is kidnapped in exchange for information he doesn’t have.

This week, I discuss the events leading just up to the first real rebellion by Earth’s colonies in the Colonial Star Cluster and the human home world. Reasonable people can disagree as to whether these were reasonable causes to engage in rebellion but, at least in the story world, this is what led directly to people, at first, ignoring Earth and, then, actively fighting them.

So… here are some links to things that get discussed in this week’s episode:

  • The Stamp Act of 2162 – The first time the UN attempts to directly tax the colonists.
  • The Planetary Police Force – The enforcers of the UN’s new planetary governors.
  • Liam Michaels – Athena’s unfortunately dense governor. He’ll be back and central to the story next week. Believe me.
  • Stewart Todd “Dutch” Warner – The smuggler who invented Hot Entries. Warning: Following this link will be spoilers for the next few episodes. Don’t blame me if this ruins the rest of this book for you!

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