Listener discretion advised. This week, we go into depth about a couple of topics that are very adult including: sex work, rape, prolific drinking, drug use, and murder. Also, various ethnic slurs are used in a casual way.

Because this week we discuss the tale of Liz Carter, Jimmy D’Addario, and James Adams. And it’s a violent tale about the early days of colonization within the Star Cluster.

The three started out as partners for one of the earliest and, later, most notorious bars in Galileo City (map), The Welshman & The Wop. But, after years of watching her partners allow the treatment of the prostitutes they had working for them get worse and worse, she left to start her own business, Liz’s Dinner & Cabaret, an upscale dinner club and brothel.

But leaving, and wanting her partners to cash her out, just incited an event known in Galileo City as the Bar War, a series of counter retaliations between the two establishments that culminated in one seriously violent act.

However, we’ve never discussed these characters before. So why are they important? Because not only do they represent many of the cultural differences between Earth now and the Colonies then but because they were culturally important to the story world. Liz would go on to hire a young man named Ivan Boldyrev as a busboy. And The Welshman & The Wop would create one of the defining Galilean Whiskies.

This is a tale of mistreatment of women, murder, money, and betrayal. But it’s also a story of how people managed to survive out in the colonies where laws were not allowed.

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