We’re back, with Season Two of the Unified Republic of Stars podcast. This week, I outline some of what I’ve got planned for Season Two, including a series I’m pretty excited about called “Rivalries” in which we compare and contrast some of the various characters that inhabit the story world, some of which we’ve met, and some we haven’t.

But, this week, we discuss the cultural differences between the Unified Republic of Stars and the world we know now. We touch on four differences, guns, tobacco, drugs, and social safety nets and explain how each area is maybe different than you might expect.

Next week will be the first in our Rivalries series, comparing and contrasting Liz Carter, owner of the famous Liz’s Dinner & Cabaret against her former partners Jimmy & James at the notorious Weshman & Wop bar in Galileo City.

Unfortunately, though, that might just do us for the year here at the podcast because of the holidays. But I’ll be back in the new year, ready to go with even more interesting podcasts that go in depth into other areas of the story world.

However, if you want any topics specially covered or have questions or comments, please, send them to urspodcast@gmail.com and a response is guaranteed. Or… if you email an MP3, it will be played as part of the cast itself!