With this episode we wrap up A Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars, in which, for the first time, with the NOVA standing watch, the Republic finally knows some peace from Earth. Of course, just because they have peace from Earth doesn’t mean everything will go swimmingly. For those reading ahead, the next age of the storyworld is called The Age of War, after all.

However, we do wrap up this age with, basically, the obits of several characters we’ve been following for the last several episodes. And those include:

  • Our old friend, Ivan Boldyrev, first President of the Republic, who died of a heart attack while in Taos-On-Darwin, on the planet Darwin.
  • His supposed political rival and former mayor of Athena City, Iskender Abaz.
  • Dutch Warner, who rose to the rank of Post-Commodore and subsequently retired to College Park where he taught pre-revolution Earth history and, apparantly dated more than his share of young undergrads
  • And Dutch’s brother Bradley, who rose to the rank of Admiral and then became something of a literary sensation as he discovered a late passion for writing.

But those aren’t the only characters within the Unified Republic of Stars storyworld. In fact, the most important are the ones you contribute.

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I’ll be back following a short break after Thanksgiving with Season Two of the podcast! Can’t wait!