This week, we discuss the event known as The Battle For the Republic. A massive event in which a force larger than either the First or Second Republican Defensive enters the Galileo system, no doubt with the intention of entering others. But they encounter six NOVA class ships, and destroy two.

But the Republic survives…

However, our story challenge this week isn’t generated by the generator. It’s by the content of this week’s episode:

Consider contributing a story based on a new character you create that served aboard a NOVA during the Battle For the Republic and telling the tale of their duty station, from being beat to quarters to the end of the invasion. Or a Razorback pilot… Bonus points if you set your story aboard the Woodcutter or the Gangwon, the two NOVAs that were destroyed.

Write a story and have it read by a professional voice talent.


In the meantime, some links from this week’s episode:

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