The moon is such a common sight in the sky we often forget about it when thinking about the galaxy. But after the Sun, nothing else in space exerts as many effects on the Earth as our humble moon.

Blog: FAA Offers Private Property In Space Solution

Private property, as it stands now thanks to an almost 50 year old treaty, is impossible. But people are thinking of ways around it. Is this good or should we just scrap the treaty?

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1.1 – A Short History – The New Space Race

Episode 1.1, a reading of A Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars, Chapter 1.

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Blog: The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

There’s a reason Robert Heinlein is considered a master of science-fiction. And this book is a perfect example as to why. It’s been decades since it was first published but its setting, politics, and humanity remain relevant today.

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Blog: NASA’s Proposed Z-2 Spacesuit

NASA is redesigning the spacesuit for walks on extraterrestrial bodies, with an eye specifically directed at Mars and the Moon. We have the photos and are not impressed.

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Blog: A Lunar Supercomputer?

A USC graduate student has made a proposal to place a super computer on the moon to handle data processing and communications with our probes around the solar system. But is putting it on the moon really the best option?

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