And… we’re back! Episode 1.1, A Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars, Chapter 1.

But first, in order to help whet your appetites for creation, the latest from the almost psychopathic Story Generator, “A woman (37) finally has the perfect job at Rayo in College Park when she’s accused of a murder she didn’t commit.”

Anyone can generate plots and turn them into the stories they think they should be. Think about writing one yourself over lunch. I always welcome new stories for publication on the site.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I skipped the introduction to A Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars. This is mostly because the history was written to sound like a pseudo-history book and it contains a lot of grand pronouncements and a thesis that might sound strange to people unfamiliar with the story world. As such, I cut it. However, for those that are interested to read it, feel free.

Now, some links to people and things mentioned in this week’s podcast:

Next week, I’ll be reading Chapter 2, titled Exploration.

I hope you’re enjoying what we’re doing with the cast so far. However, if you have questions or comments, please always feel free to email me at urspodcast at gmail dot com and I’ll either read your questions and comments or work to get you on the show so you can ask the questions or speak your mind yourself.