Welcome to the introductory episode of the new Unified Republic of Stars podcast.

I’m kicking things off this week with a brief explanation of what the hell the Unified Republic of Stars is, why I’m doing the cast, and ways in which people can get involved.

But… here are the links to some of the tools I mention:

Starting next week, I’ll begin with Chapter 1 of A Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars. Naturally, you’re more than welcome to read ahead but be sure to get the latest episodes for more in depth discussions on topics that the history book might rush over.

Also, if you have feedback, questions, or comments you’re always welcome to send them to urspodcast at gmail dot com. Questions and comments will be read on the air. Or, if you’d like to be on the cast yourself, add a note in your email and I’ll figure out a way to get you on.