Every once in a while we find some really great videos on the internet. Everything from great shots of the stars and Earth to the effects of solar radiation on the Earth’s atmosphere.

Blog: A Matter of Time – A World Science Festival Discussion

I went to the World Science Festival on Saturday where they discussed not just the concept of space-time but whether time has a direction. It was a fascinating discussion that I try to relate. Includes video!

By Colin Andrew Ferm June 3, 2013 Tags: , , ,
Blog: The Amazing Sights From Space

It’s nice to be reminded from time to time that beyond all the storytelling elements about space, space itself is pretty damned impressive.

By Colin Andrew Ferm April 18, 2012 Tags: , , , ,
Blog: On Making Earth Videos

Found a neat video with NASA Earth scientist Melissa Dawson about how the impressive time lapse Earth videos are made.

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Blog: So Real You’d Swear They Were Fake

A bunch of cool videos exist that are so amazing, it’s hard to believe they’re even real. They certainly look less real than much of the CGI we watch on TV everyday. See the Milky Way from Chile and some views of the shuttle launching from the solid rocket boosters. It’s pretty goddamned cool.

By Colin Andrew Ferm December 12, 2011 Tags: , , ,
Blog: The Aurora Borealis, Magnetic Fields In Action

Aweome photos of the aurora borealis have been making their rounds lately on the internet. But the magnetic field around Earth is good for more than just putting on an awesome light show.

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