The science of physics has taught us so much about the ways the universe works it’s amazing, from the way an apple falls out of a tree to the orbit of planetary bodies and the bending of light. And they’re still learning more every day.

Blog: World Science Festival: Alien Life: Will We Know It When We See It? Part I

Part the first: two minutes of hate directed at Public Radio host and panel moderator John Hockenberry.

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Blog: Alien Communication & More On The Fermi Paradox

Urgh… the whole Fermi Paradox thing has been gnawing at my insides, especially after reading an article about how advanced civilizations might communicate.

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Blog: A Matter of Time – A World Science Festival Discussion

I went to the World Science Festival on Saturday where they discussed not just the concept of space-time but whether time has a direction. It was a fascinating discussion that I try to relate. Includes video!

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Blog: Langrange Point Outpost?

According to a NASA proposal to the White House, a waystation could be built at the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 2 to serve Moon and Mars exploration programs. But while it’s an awesome idea, what are the chances it’s actually going to get off the ground.

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Blog: Quantum Communications Inch Closer

What was once an area of theory and science-fiction is increasingly becoming fact: the ability to communicate over vast distances instantly and securely using entangled particles. But what else might they be used for?

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