The International Space Station is an amazing platform put together by the nations of Earth and circling the globe in Low Earth Orbit. Tragically, it’s the only destination in space human space flight is geared to right now but hopefully it might serve as the launch pad for future missions.

Blog: Langrange Point Outpost?

According to a NASA proposal to the White House, a waystation could be built at the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 2 to serve Moon and Mars exploration programs. But while it’s an awesome idea, what are the chances it’s actually going to get off the ground.

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Blog: The Amazing Sights From Space

It’s nice to be reminded from time to time that beyond all the storytelling elements about space, space itself is pretty damned impressive.

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Blog: Space Junk – Or The Story of the Disposable Space Station

Space junk came dangerously close to the International Space Station over the weekend. NASA’s response? Everyone into the lifeboats! But what about protecting the space platform America spent hundreds of billions of dollars building in the first place?

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Blog: Old Space Station Plans

NASA ran through a lot of different plans after the launch of Skylab for space stations. One was truly interesting. But, of course, what we ended up with was the ISS.

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Blog: On Making Earth Videos

Found a neat video with NASA Earth scientist Melissa Dawson about how the impressive time lapse Earth videos are made.

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