Kepler Space Telescope

The Kepler Space Telescope is our “planet hunter”, searching day and night for evidence of new planets in a very small part of the sky. Thus far, it’s found thousands of exoplanet candidates and seems to find more every day.

Blog: Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News?

With the discovery of an Earth-sized habitable in its star’s “goldilocks” zone, the question some are asking is, “Why haven’t we discovered alien life yet?” Some speculate a planet like this might be proof that advanced civilizations just can’t survive The Great Filter.

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Blog: Astronomy Live at the American Museum of Natural History

After attending a talk at the American Museum of Natural History last night, we got to ask an actual expert on exoplanets about a few things we’ve been wondering.

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Blog: Space Telescopes and Why We Need Them

The Kepler and James Webb space telescopes are on the chopping block, budget-wise. Probably only because too few people are aware of how much they’ve done for the human understanding of the universe we live in.

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Blog: Curious News About Exoplanets

A new planet’s been discovered. Creatively named Kepler-22b, read on to find out how something like this gets even gets named and what it means for human civilization. Or… something.

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