Spitzer Space Telescope

The Spitzer Space Telescope is the infrared detector of the universe. Launched by NASA, it’s made a lot of fascinating discoveries.

Blog: 55 Cancri e, Even More Interesting

Through the use of the Spitzer Space Telescope, we can now tell that 55 Canceri e, an exoplanet 40 light years away, is not quite the baren rocky environment we originally thought.

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Blog: Astronomy Live at the American Museum of Natural History

After attending a talk at the American Museum of Natural History last night, we got to ask an actual expert on exoplanets about a few things we’ve been wondering.

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Blog: Space Telescopes and Why We Need Them

The Kepler and James Webb space telescopes are on the chopping block, budget-wise. Probably only because too few people are aware of how much they’ve done for the human understanding of the universe we live in.

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