Public Health

“Public Health” once meant stopping public exposure to things that no reasonable person would subject themselves to: Cholera, AIDS, Yellow Fever. These days it seems to mean anything that a reasonable person might subject themselves to: Smoking, Trans Fats, Salt, and Sugar.

Blog: Winning The War On Drugs

Richard Branson has come out not just for de-criminalization but for legalization of drugs. Of course, the government won’t agree on any ‘premise the drug war is a failure.’ Given the cost, both in terms of real lives and money, will anyone who believes in keeping drugs illegal ever come around?

By Colin Andrew Ferm April 3, 2012 Tags: , , ,
Blog: Is Your Body Interstate Commerce?

The FDA bans an experimental new procedure taking place entirely within one state citing its authority to regulate under the Commerce Clause. Think that’s wacky, wait until you see their reasoning.

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Blog: The New Public Health

Sir! Step away from those Tostitos! Don’t you know you only want them because the food industry has tricked you into wanting them? That’s why those of us who know better would like to ban them. For your own good.

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