Welcome back to the Unified Republic of Stars Podcast. This week, I’ll be reading Chapter 3 of A Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars titled, “Colonization.”

But, first, this week’s Story Generator suggestion: “A boy (15) is on a stolen cargo ship headed toward Al Gharbiyah when a little boy says he needs someone with a gun to solve his problems.”

Some links to reference material from this week’s podcast. As always, the reference section is there to provide listeners not just with additional supplementary material but to help spark ideas or artwork inspired by the story world.

A lot of the podcast focuses on the colonization of these worlds:

  • Al Gharbiyah – A desert planet on which groups of Muslims and Jews settled.
  • Athena – A water planet on which Athena City was built.
  • Columbus – A “lawn” planet primarily settled by conservative Christian Americans.
  • Galileo – A prairie world primarily settled by Americans, Chinese, and Russians
  • Troy – A forest world with a thriving logging industry.
  • Yong Nam – The North Korean colony.

Additionally, the foundation of Republican Baseball, “Colonial Baseball” in the era being discussed, was described. If you’re interested in finding out some more about this baseball league, be sure to check out the Baseball category over in the reference section.

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