Reference Section Now 300 Articles Strong!

It may seem strange to post a news item on how many articles the reference section of this website have going on but not when you’ve reached 300 articles like the Unified Republic of Stars storyworld has!

In a recent push to define more things, we’ve been working hard to get the reference section to describe more and more items that might be of interest to other creators and storytellers. For instance, the section on space vehicles has been greatly expanded and now includes twenty-nine entries.

The history has also been greatly expanded, including much more cross linking between it and the supporting articles that provide much more depth on any one piece of information.

One of the areas we intend to keep improving is on the culture of the Unified Republic of Stars. After all, nothing defines a place as much as the culture that inhabits it. But if you haven’t already checked out what’s there, be sure to. There are seventy-eight different articles and images associated with it defining everything from Galilean Whiskey to everyday Weapons Etiquette within the storyworld.

Also, for those who haven’t already noticed the change in the main menu, we’ve also added a new story generator specifically designed to generate stories that work within the Unified Republic of Stars storyworld as well as provide related reference links and will also put them all together into a handy PDF that you can download, take with you, and refer to later.

The Unified Republic of Stars website keeps improving by adding new content and new features to make it more and more accessible. If you have a story you’d like to set in the Unified Republic of Stars, let us know because we’d like to publish it! Or, if you’d just like to help build the world, create an account and go crazy. The Unified Republic of Stars just gets better with community involvement.

And, if you haven’t already been following it, be sure to check out the new serial being posted on Wattpad, Soldier of the Republic with a new chapter coming very, very soon.