New Wattpad Story Cover

Thanks to Ivan Sandoval, the Unified Republic of Stars Wattpad story, Soldier of the Republic, has an inspired new cover!

The book cover of Soldier of the Republic by Ivan Sandoval

Drawing inspiration from Soldier of the Republic, the new cover is as dramatic as the story itself, depicting who I presume is Meifen Rassmussen, holding onto a chain link fence with a backdrop of a city behind her. Personally, I’m blown away by the detail and color and think its a fantastic representation of the story.

In case you haven’t already checked it out, be sure to go read the prologue and first three chapters of Soldier of the Republic at Wattpad.

And, this weekend, we’ll be posting the newest chapter in the saga, with Meifen leaving her home planet of Galileo for the first time to start a new life within the Republican Fleet.

I’m excited to continuing telling this story set in the Unified Republic of Stars storyworld and the two covers submitted thus far have both been inspiring and amazing.

And, if you like the cover as much as I do, and need graphic design work, please consider contacting Mr. Sandoval through his website to help fund his future creative endeavors.