A wiki is an easy to use collaboration tool for sharing large amounts of information. It powers the reference section behind the Unified Republic of Stars and is an amazing piece of software to boot. Here we discuss changes to our wiki as well as other uses for one.

Blog: Wiki Back Up & Running

The wiki has had technical issues for… a while now but it’s finally back for those who are still listening to the podcast and want to read more.

By Colin Andrew Ferm October 2, 2019 Tags: , ,
News: Welcome to the New Site Design

We’ve launched our new responsive design to make the URS more accessible on mobile devices. Also, our third podcast episode is live!

By Colin Andrew Ferm September 15, 2014 Tags: , , ,
News: Reference Section Now With 350 Articles!

The reference section now stands at 350 articles, covering a range of topics that help color the URS storyworld. This and other improvements help the site keep growing.

By Colin Andrew Ferm March 10, 2013 Tags: , ,
Blog: How The Timeline Was Integrated

I just added the new timeline feature to the Unified Republic of Stars. Today, I discuss how it was actually built on the MediaWiki system for display on any page on the site without having to modify any of the base code. Beware if you’re not a programmer.

By Colin Andrew Ferm February 7, 2013 Tags: ,
News: New Dynamic Timeline

We’ve added a new visual timeline widget to the Unified Republic of Stars. Using a new Javascript widget, it’s now interactive and easier to understand. Read on to find out more.

By Colin Andrew Ferm February 6, 2013 Tags: , ,