Reference Section Now With 350 Articles!

I’m proud to announce that our reference section now boasts 350 articles! And the entrant that gets this distinction? An article on the city of Sarajito on the planet of New Normandy.

Among the content that’s been added is detailing a large number of space vehicles that exist within the storyworld. We’ve also added baseball teams for Republican Baseball, and a whole slew of new cities.

Every day the storyworld continues to get flushed out with new details, people, places, and technology, allowing others to set their own stories using these elements.

Additionally, the reference section continues to be improved with new elements to help make it easier to find information and understand the context of things in advance. Things like our dynamic new timeline feature, embeddable on any other page, and our list of Republican Series winners, filterable by city and team name.

I also have a new project related to the URS storyworld in the works that I’m excited to announce but I’m still preparing it, so be on the lookout for an announcement on March 12th.

With so much content now available, is there anything you’d like to see further detailed? Add it in the comments and I’ll get to it as soon as I can. Or, if you’re feeling inspired, try adding a reference article yourself. Always looking for new contributions!