Make Any Story Sci-Fi Project Announced

I’ve been working long and hard on a new project for the Unified Republic of Stars. I’m calling it the “Make Any Story Sci-Fi Project” and it entails, well… making any story science-fiction. Specifically, set in the Unified Republic of Stars storyworld.

Starting today, any story published with the “MASSF” acronym is part of the project. Many of these come from my own works, published years ago on my old writing site spudWorks. And none of them were originally written to be science-fiction stories. In fact, most of them were written before I even dreamed up the idea of the Unified Republic of Stars. The first is a story entitled Hanging the Battle Flag, originally published on spudWorks as Hanging Old Glory.

The idea with the Make Any Story Sci-Fi Project is to demonstrate how easy it is to integrate URS storyworld elements into your own stories. It’s not exactly as easy as search-and-replace but, by using any elements of this storyworld you can take something in a contemporary setting and move them into the exciting space adventure that is the Unified Republic of Stars.

If you happen to think that this is just a a naked attempt to add new content without having to actually write anything new on my part, well… you’d be correct. But it’s also a solid demonstration of the storyworld concept.

It’s meant as an easy entry for people who have considered writing a URS story but don’t know where to begin. Just pick a planet, chose a city (if one is needed) and go from there.

And, remember, if you want to be a first time author but don’t yet have a story idea, we also have our handy-dandy little story generation tool that will not just give you a basic plot but also a selected reading list of articles related to the idea.

I’m really excited about Make Any Story Sci-Fi and hope you enjoy reading the new stories. And, as always, feedback is always welcome.