Announcing Our New Podcast

It’s finally happened.

Well… not finally. But, you know, finally.

I’ve decided to start the Unified Republic of Stars podcast. It’ll be a weekly show in which I begin by reading the various history books dedicated to the story world with supplemental episodes dedicated to topics I feel deserve special attention.

Starting next week, I’ll begin reading from A Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars. It’s the introductory history book that explains how we got from where we are today to where the story takes off. And, so, it seems like a good place to begin. In between episodes, I’m already thinking of a few supplementary episodes, including one on the Rayo Tomcat, one on my favorite period within the story world, and definitely one on “Dutch” Warner.

I’m submitting the podcast to both iTunes and Stitcher but they have wait times associated with approval. So if you’d like to subscribe, either open this link to the feed in iTunes or your favorite podcast app on your mobile device. Or, listen to it below with the embedded media player. And there will always be a show page with an embedded media player and notes about the show.

I’m interested to hear what everyone has to say and always welcome feedback and new ideas to incorporate into the show. You can leave a message on this post or, if you want to reach me directly, at urspodcast at gmail dot com.